A Persuasive Storyteller Robot: Pilot Study


Scientific research has proven that Storytelling scenarios are a powerful form of learning, knowledge sharing and persuasion. The Storytelling technique is widely applied because stories have a great power to influence the person in an emotional way and can inspire people to change their behaviour in the desired direction. Nowadays, the social robotics area, specifically assistive robotics, has been presenting research that uses storytelling to try to persuade the participant to perform a specific task or follow instructions. In the case of social robotics applied to education, it is important to guide the student through paths that allow improving the learning rate. In this sense, the persuasion made by this kind of non-live agent should be subtle and preferably without noticing (the person does not perceive that she/he is being persuaded). Based on this, we describe a pilot study that presents a research in development that has a social robot as the storyteller in an interactive storytelling trying to persuade the listener to take decisions in a subtle and unnoticed.