ProCRob Architecture for Personalized Social Robotics


For robot tutors, autonomy and personalizations are important factors in order to engage users as well as to personalize the content and interaction according to the needs of individuals. This paper presents the Programming Cognitive Robot (ProCRob) software architecture to target personalized social robotics in two complementary ways. ProCRob supports the development and personalization of social robot applications by teachers and therapists without computer programming background. It also supports the development of autonomous robots which can adapt according to the human-robot interaction context. ProCRob is based on our previous research on autonomous robotics and has been developed since 2015 by a multi-disciplinary team of researchers from the fields of AI, Robotics and Psychology as well as artists and designers at the University of Luxembourg. ProCRob is currently being used and further developed for therapy of children with autism, and for encouraging rehabilitation activities in patients with post-stroke. This paper presents a summary of ProCRob and its application in autism.